“Heather Alexander played her character with such intensity that

I believed in her completely”

Fringe Review on Heather in The White Crow


YearRoleProductionCompany / Venue
2021/22 Virginia Woolf A Room of One’s Own Emul8 Theatre Company / Eastbourne, London, Hastings 
2021/22 Mavis Ruxton The Tragedy of Dorian Gray Blue Devil Theatre Company / Brighton, London, Hastings 
2021 Various Two Hastings Theatre Festival / Various 
2020/21 Shirley Valentine Shirley Valentine Emul8 Theatre Company / International 
2019/20 Various It’s A Wonderful Life Redwood Productions / Tour South East 
2018/19 Annie Brassey Annie Brassey Emul8 Theatre Company / Various 
2017 Various Bard’s Bitches Emul8 Theatre Company / Various 
2017 Claire Sutton Yes, Prime Minister Bootcamp Productions / Various 
2016 Dr. Baum The White Crow Bootcamp Productions / Various 
2015 Rita Looking for Mr. Right Eastbourne Under Ground Theatre 
2013 Titania A Midsummer Night’s Dream Bowler Crab Theatre Productions / Half House Farm, Three Oaks, East Sussex 
2013 Lady Macbeth Macbeth Bowler Crab Theatre Productions / Half House Farm, Three Oaks, East Sussex 
2011/12 Amanda Private Lives Stables Theatre 
2011 Martha Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Stables Theatre 
1989 Reds Are You Lonesome Tonight Bill Kenright Ltd / Tour 
1989 Jill Tanner Butterflies Are Free Vienna’s English Theatre / Vienna English Theatre, Vienna 
1987 Barbara Smith Run For Your Wife (West End) Ray Cooney Theatre of Comedy 
1984/85 Heidi Look No Hans! (West End) Picadillly Theatre 
1981/83 Brooke Ashton Noises Off (West End) Savoy Theatre 
1981 Marion There’s A Girl in My Soup (West End) Picadillly Theatre 


2021/22 Fiona Terrestrials Sitcom Pink Skies Productions 
1990 Judy Love After Lunch BBC 
1990 Jill Blatt BBC 
1980/81 Hot Gossip Dancer Kenny Everett Television Show LWT 


YearRoleProductionCompany / Venue
2020/21 Tori Play It Safe Compulsory 
2015 Dark Witch Witches of Cleaver Wood Thomas Holborn 
1992 Mary Chase The Eye of Satan Ice Productions Ltd 
1988 Susan Into The Darkness Ice Productions Ltd 
1987 Anna Robson Firestar, First Contact Ice Productions Ltd 
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