Adapted and performed by Heather Alexander

Directed by Dominique Gerrard 

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction…”

Room is a brand new stage adaptation of this seminal feminist work, A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf, first presented as a series of lectures at the University of Cambridge in 1928, then published the following year.

Heather Alexander both adapts the piece and plays Virginia Woolf as the author gives an illuminating lecture on the gender disparity in fiction, a literary tradition dominated by men.

5 Star, Buxton Fringe 2023. Winner Best Female Actor

 “Alexander’s Woolf is a fully rounded presence onstage, intellectual, patrician, but also     questioning, yearning, looking for answers. She conveys her frustrations at the limitations society places on her (in the women’s college she attends, the facilities are so much less than those of her male counterparts), and explores with feeling the idea of what it would have been like if Shakespeare had had a sister, with the same gifts as him, but none of the advantages of being male. She also posits a situation where two female scientists ‘like’ each other – she entreats us not to be shocked by such a suggestion – and there’s something beautiful but also sad in this scenario and the impossibility of it.

Heather Alexander, under the direction of Dominique Gerrard, makes Woolf a living, breathing character in her own right. It is a performance of subtlety and skill, never histrionic or over-dramatic, entirely believable. And through subtle visual clues, we are reminded this is not just a period piece. Virginia is first depicted looking every inch the 1920s feminist (high wasted trousers, braces – the detail of the costume is just right), but as the play progresses, the braces come off, the shirt is untucked, and she now resembles a modern woman, reminding us that while it might be easy to think that the world has changed since Woolf’s time, for many women, economic and societal pressures mean that the opportunities she calls for are still a long way off.’

Robbie Carnegie 2023 (BUXTON FRINGE)

Praise for Heather Alexander’s Room.

‘An exquisite performance…as a condensation and enactment of Woolf’s seminal text, this can’t be improved.’
OUTSTANDING – FringeReview

‘Alexander, as Room’s writer, delivers a linguistic treat. The language is a joy to hear. As a performer, Alexander is a delight to watch. Her assured performance is pitch perfect, and her nuanced vocal delivery brings the rich language to life.’
★★★★★ Reviews Hub

‘Heather Alexander lit up the stage as she portrayed one of the most fearless female writers in history.’
★★★★ Broadway Baby

‘A beautiful portrayal by an accomplished actor at the top of her game.’
★★★★ British Theatre Guide

‘Heather Alexander has invented a new genre and format.’
CNS Theatre

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