HAVISHAM Rural Touring

Havisham takes the audience on a journey as Miss Havisham relives events from her childhood in rural Kent and then as a hopeful young woman newly arrived in London; up until the time of her fateful wedding day.

The audience are invited to explore who the real woman – the human being – behind Dickens’ most monstrous female creation, is. What circumstances drove the fresh, young Miss Havisham to her unfortunate fate? Why does she wait, forever jilted, at her own decaying bridal feast? The answers to the these questions encourage new questions and open a dialogue about female representation, societal expectations and exploitation.

The story is vibrant, fast-paced, poignant and intriguing. Themes of identity, justice and betrayal are instantly recognisable and engage an audience of any age or background. The themes are universal.

The story appeals to both fans of Dickens as well as those new to his stories and seeks to enhance the audience’s appreciation of literature, storytelling and creative interpretation.

The show is suitable for mainstream touring venues and for rural touring as it can be adapted to suit different spaces. The set is simple and portable, consisting of wooden crates and fabric which are used creatively to represent different stages on Miss Havisham’s life journey.

A workshop and/or Q and A can be offered with the show about the creative process and experience of writing a show based on a literary character.

Publicity for HAVISHAM Rural Touring:

Miss Havisham – the famous female monster from Great Expectations is in town! Come and meet her in the flesh and find out why she waits forever at her wedding feast for a husband-to-be who will never arrive? Who was the woman, the human being, behind Charles Dickens’ most disturbing of gothic creations? Why does she haunt our nightmares and still fascinate audiences today? Delve into the dark psyche of Miss Havisham’s fractured world. Meet the characters and live the experiences that drove her to the brink and finally over the edge of insanity. What secrets are locked in the mind of the woman behind the veil?

About Heather Alexander:

Heather Alexander is an award winning actress – writer and producer with a long list of stage, TV and film credits.

Recently she has been performing ROOM- A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN, HAVISHAM and SHIRLEY VALENTINE to packed houses.

Heather was awarded BEST FEMALE ACTOR 2023 – Buxton Fringe for her performances in ROOM.

About Emul8 Theatre:

Emul8 Theatre seeks to engage the audience in an open dialogue about the themes and ideas presented in their shows. The shows (and optional workshops) are informative, thought-provoking and of contemporary relevance as well as of historical, literary relevance and interest.

Local promoters will be able to market the show (and workshop) to a wide-ranging potential audience appealing to those with a literary interest (and background) as well as those who may be new to Woolf’s ideas and style.

Audience members typically remark and post on social media that the show inspires a new (or renewed) interest in Woolf’s work. The audience are encouraged to recognise how reading , writing and creative expression can lead to feelings of empowerment and well-being.


For more information please contact Heather.

Or download the Havisham Tour Pack here

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