Havisham - Edinburgh Fringe 2023 - Miss Havisham sits on a stage dress in a white dress and brown apron. She is surrounded by wooden crates and an old wooden rocking chair.

New look at Dickens’ Miss Havisham

“1825. After reliving traumatic memories from her childhood, a young woman, arrives in London. She is full of hope and ready to embrace a fresh start. However, she soon finds herself as the leading lady in drama she can’t comprehend.

“The gaslighting is subtle, the manipulation slick. Can Miss Havisham discern her fate? Or is she destined to relive the devastation of her trauma?”

Read Phil Hewitt’s full Sussex Express article on Havisham here: https://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/arts-and-culture/theatre-and-stage/new-look-at-dickens-miss-havisham-in-hastings-4221401

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